My Projects

Below is a list of projects that I’ve been involved with. My involvement is usually building the website from a client-approved mock-up and adding new features and content, as requested, using our bespoke CMS… I have also been known to add some flare to website designs at times, too.

Featured Project:

Land of Kittens

Land of Kittens is a website which I built for my own community. This website was used primarily as a test platform to help me understand the pros and cons of different CMS solutions that currently exist for modern-style websites.

In the end, I settled for WordPress (the same CMS as is used for this website) due to the large community supporting it and the huge plugin base they’ve created.

The website is currently used as a means for us to provide additional information on what’s happening in the community as well as to showcase some of our community members’ creations on Land of Kittens’ accompanying Minecraft server.

Projects 1
Projects 2

Featured Project:

BB Window Cleaning Services

My father was looking to expand his business and approached me with the idea of building a website to make BBWCS (BB Window Cleaning Services) accessible to more clients. The website had to be easy-to-use for all of his clients, spanning most age demographics. After we purchased the domain, I quickly built a custom website in pure HTML, JS and CSS.

Whilst this was a good enough website for what he was wanting, it was soon starting to show its age as we found it difficult to keep the content up-to-date.

Since then, the website has had a few upgrades including an upgrade to the WordPress CMS. Moving to WordPress has made the website a lot easier for us to edit the content and has given us additional features to work with, such as a responsive layout, a contact form and an analytics engine which has helped us improve the experience for his clients.